MFA in Writing

Michener Fellows enroll in three courses, totaling nine hours, each Fall and Spring semester. There are no summer classes. The 54-hour degree plan includes workshops and studies or seminar courses in the primary and secondary genre(s), a range of electives, and a third-year thesis in the primary genre.

Fields of Concentration


Our goal in every fiction workshop is for the prose to be taken seriously and on its own terms. Regardless of formal distinctions—novel or short story, psychological realism or avant-garde experimentation—we want our writers to feel empowered and encouraged to produce the kinds of fiction they want to read.


Our goal in the poetry workshop is simple: that students feel increasingly excited by and invested in poetry. That calls for an intelligently engaged and ambitious criticism that starts with a generous reading of each poem and respect for what may be an approach and intention very different from their own.


The playwriting concentration at MCW is a demanding, three-year course of study designed for artists committed to professional dramatic writing and its teaching. The curriculum emphasizes the generation and revision of new work, both by the individual playwright and in progressive collaborations with other writers and artists.


Our emphasis is, first and foremost, on writing and immersion in a community of creative writers. We also want to provide you with access to film studies and production offerings that will both focus and expand your ideas. Whether you want to write for television, film, or both, our program aims to give you the tools, time, and community to write the script that will bring your vision to the screen.

Degree Plan

Michener Fellows complete three workshops in their primary genre and two in their secondary genre(s). They also complete two studies courses in their primary genre and one in their secondary genre. In their first semester, Fellows take a three-hour First Year Seminar course. In the third year, Fellows enroll in a year-long thesis course focused on developing a manuscript in the primary genre. The remaining hours allow for a range of electives across the University. For more details about the program and degree plan, please see the Michener Center Student Handbook.

Fellowship Support

All admitted students receive a fellowship of $30,000 per academic year and a summer stipend of $4000 for a $34,000 total annual award. In addition to the annual fellowship, the Michener Center also provides each Fellow with a stipend for health insurance that covers the cost of the individual student health insurance plan (approximately $4,000 annually), directly pays required tuition (approximately $9000 annual value), and provides the opportunity for a conference attendance grant of up to $1000 per academic year. Support is renewed each year with satisfactory progress towards the degree.