Alumn Abe Koogler’s Play Opens to Positive Reviews

Michener Center Playwriting Alumnus Abe Koogler‘s play Staff Meal has opened to rave reviews, with recent coverage from The New York Times, Vulture, Observer, New York Theatre Guide, and New York Stage Review.

“In ‘Staff Meal,'” writes Rachel Sherman for The New York Times, “Koogler creates a world somewhere between front and back of house, where food is a portal and service an art. Meanwhile, patrons navigate apocalyptic events outside the restaurant, where the future appears increasingly fragile.”

Writing for Vulture, Sara Holdren calls Staff Meal “a quietly surreal shapeshifter of a play with a tilted sense of humor and a generous, sorrowful heart.”

Image Credit: Playwrights Horizons

“Staff Meal feels like a portal,” Holdren writes. “We tumble through its funny, eerie evocation of the moment that made—is still making—our present, and we come out the other side feeling, for all its ebb toward emptiness, full.”

Staff Meal is at Playwrights Horizons through May 19.